E Cig Facts

E Cig Facts That You Need To Know

You have probably seen advertisements for electronic cigarettes on the Internet, and also on television. They are offered at stores all across the nation, and at gas stations and convenience stores as well. These devices are often presented as alternatives for regular smoking. They provide a high level of nicotine that can theoretically replace what is typically found in a normal cigarette, allowing people to potentially stop their smoking habit. There are a few facts that you need to know about electronic cigarettes that we will present in this article today. Although they are much safer than traditional cigarettes, the following e cig facts will help you make a decision in regard to whether or not to give them a try.

Although they were invented almost 50 years ago, it wasn’t until the last few years where they have actually begun to develop a significant following. Originally starting with only one brand, there are well over 200 different types of E. cigarettes available, many of which come in flavors that are simply not available in traditional cigarettes today. In fact, if you like the taste of coffee, they have a Java flavor. Do you prefer the taste of bubblegum? They have that too. Between 3 and 5 million people use electronic cigarettes today, and there are many reasons for their popularity.

First of all, they provide you with an ability to inhale nicotine without smoke. Each one is equipped with a battery operated nicotine inhaler that can be recharged by simply plugging it into the USB port on your computer. The nicotine is delivered through a device called a cartomizer which incinerates the liquid nicotine solution, allowing you to inhale the nicotine to get into your system. The secondhand smoke is actually not smoke, but the water vapor that results from the vaporization. That is where the name “vaping” comes from in regard to the use of e-cigarettes today. The liquid itself is actually harmless, containing a substance called propylene glycol which contains various amounts of nicotine and different flavorings.

The reason for their popularity is not only because they lack the carcinogens typically associated with regular cigarettes, but also the price that you pay. You can usually get a starter kit for around $50, and depending upon how many cigarettes you typically smoke on a regular basis, you can get the equivalent amount of nicotine with electronic cigarette cartridges for about half the price. There are also many stores online that offer significant discounts, allowing you to save even more money by simply purchasing the electronic cigarettes over the Internet. This is very convenient for people that do not live close to major shopping centers, allowing you to have it delivered straight to your house, sometimes without a shipping fee.

You should also know that electronic cigarettes are governed by the FDA. Although distributors wanted them to be categorized as a medical device delivering medication, because of the nicotine content, the feds have the ability to regulate e cigarettes today. The only request they have made is in regard to distributors, telling them to not make unsubstantiated marketing claims when selling these devices. Other than that, people can enjoy electronic cigarettes in public places such as restaurants, airports, and many other locations where traditional smoking is not allowed. This makes using electronic cigarettes much more convenient for those that need a nicotine fix, regardless of where they may be.

These e cig facts have been presented to give you a basic overview of what electronic cigarettes are all about. If you are currently smoking cigarettes, and would like to find an alternative, ecigs can definitely provide an option for you. There are many more e cig facts that you can find on the Internet, and hundreds of distributors that can provide you with additional information. Hopefully, if you want to quit smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes will provide you with the option you have been looking for.