Best Electronic Cigarette Manufactures in the UK: CloudCig Review

cloudcigE-cigarettes are the in-thing in the UK and around the world in the modern times. These cigarettes outdo regular tobacco cigarettes due to their lack of carbon smoke and ash, and because they can be reused. We are an established vape shop, one of best, electronic cigarettes companies in the UK.

Electronic cigarette starter kit

The ecigs we supply come as a package in a starter pack. The starter pack consists of cartridge(s), cartridge tube/ holder, liquefied nicotine and a battery (rechargeable). All these components work together to produce clean vapor for smoking; environmental friendly vapor because it does not contain any carbon. In manufacturing of the e-cigarettes, we substitute regular tobacco with liquid nicotine; which acts as the stimulant (similar effect to that of tobacco).

Liquid nicotine

The smoke producing element in e cigarette is nicotine (liquid). The liquefied nicotine, contained, in cartridges, come in different content levels. Smokers can, thus, regulate how much nicotine they smoke by choosing a cartridge whose label indicates their desired nicotine level. The liquid in the cartridges may even be devoid of nicotine; making electronic cigarettes a great option for smokers who wish to quit smoking because their only need for smoking is to quench a psychological smoking urge. Excellent news for our e cig smokers is that nicotine does not burn to produce the vapor, but rather heats to vaporization. There is thus no toxic smoke or unclean ash emitted.


Regular cigarettes have their tobacco wrapped up in papers which smolder together with tobacco to give smoke. E cigarettes, on the other hand, have nicotine contained in containers referred to as cartridges. We make different sized cartridges for different sized holders. We manufacture the e-cigs in a hygienically sound environment and quality materials to ensure minimal contamination; such as would happen if the container reacted with the nicotine. We label each container and ensure it contains only the label’s indicated content of nicotine. We make the cartridges in such a way that people can refill them and then insert them in their holder for continued smoke.


E cig heating system power (that vaporizes nicotine) comes from the rechargeable battery that we provide together with the other components in the starter pack. Our batteries are safe to use, and the fact that they are rechargeable saves e-cig users some cash. With a rechargeable battery powering the ecigs system, people need not use any money on matchboxes/ lighters because, in addition to this, the e cigs do not need to be lit.

Social acceptance

Our e cigarettes come in a starter pack consisting of a battery, cartridge(s), cartridge holder and nicotine (in liquid form). They are more socially accepted than tobacco cigarettes because they seem much more sophisticated and do not produce smoke or ash; hence no need to worry about choking smoke or ash, especially when in social gatherings. They have limited legal restriction because nicotine does not fall under drugs category. They save users money because users do no have to buy a new starter packs every time, but refill their cartridges or replace them with full ones.

When You Want To Switch To An E Cig

Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette

Everyone knows how bad cigs are for you. I know a lot of us started smoking when we were younger before all of this fuss over them causing lung cancer came about. This of course, is unfortunate. We shorten our lives by one minute every time we light a cig. Do you know how much you are shortening your life when you light up a E cig? You are not doing any damage at all because E cigs don’t contain all the harmful ingredients that regular cigs contain.

There are a lot of things in cigs that you may not realize. I know we like to think of it as just nicotine but that’s not the truth. The ingredients in this harmful smoke can include anything from carbon monoxide to the exact same stuff that you find in rat poison. Do these two things sound like something you should put in your body? I know they don’t sound safe to me, so why should you trust them. When you are looking for an alternative that is just pure nicotine and maybe some flavoring if you wish you need to go with E cigs.

I know there are other side effects that have to be dealt with when you chose to smoke a regular cig that will not be a factor when you go with an electrical one. There are a lot of concerns when it comes to the health of our teeth and how smoking effects that. I know cig smoke can really ruin a once perfect smile, that’s why you need to cut the smoke out of your life and replace it with some nice and healthy water vapor.

Of course, all of us girls are concerned about the appearance of our skin. We want to know that we are not doing anything to promote the early onset of aging. I think if you would take the time to compare a smokers face with a non smoker you would soon realize there is a huge difference. Smokers tend to age much more rapidly then people who do not smoke or smoke E cigs. Water vapor from E cigs will not cause aging in the same way that smoke does! Why not save your skin before its to late?

If you are worried about your own skin you might as well be worried about the skin around you. I know you want to avoid all the negative consequences that smoking has to offer, but how are you going to make sure your smoking doesn’t effect others. There is an easy solution here. All you need is an electronic cig to lesson your chances of giving someone you care about early wrinkles.

I hope you switch to this healthy alternative. I hate to say something about a product that sounds over the top, but this product really could save your life. Its not going to save you unless you go out and buy it though. So, please get this product and let it help you.